Jewelry inspired by earth, sea, & sky - beautifully handcrafted to evoke an emotion, create a remembrance or for healing body & mind.

Are you someone who feels jewelry can evoke intimate memories of spiritual connection, commemorate an unforgettably special event, or benefit the wearer with primitive healing and cleansing powers?

Each piece of Wrist Wraps Etc., jewelry is inspired by earth, sea, and sky to be worn and loved by well traveled explorers, lovers of the seven seas, spiritual souls, and those who use jewelry to define and relay to others their unique personal style.

Wrist Wraps Etc., jewelry is carefully designed and handcrafted to be worn every day because it is a part of you. Simplicity, wearability, one of a kind style, and comfort are the core values of my collections.

My hope is that you will feel a connection to my jewelry. Each piece I make speaks to me in one way or another. As I design, I think of those who may wear my jewelry for physical or emotional benefits, those who are drawn to my inspiration from time spent on the ocean and those who are looking for a piece that totally defines them. Please message me if you have questions or wish to have a custom piece of jewelry made just for you. Thanks for taking the time to stop by Wrist Wraps, Etc. See what happens when you feel the beautiful vibes of Wrist Wraps Etc. jewelry………………Happy Shopping!